[midievil] .υποκράτους

by Right Knider

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.υποκράτους, [midievil]'s second installment, comes as a narrative
of frequencies, gliding on the dimly-lit pathways
of a disenchanted quasi-metropolis. The collective
subconscious of the citysphere's residents is portrayed sonically
in its bulk of resignation, instigation and urban mutilation.
The ardent crescentos and steep descents cut like the jagged edges
of a half-burned psychogeographical map of the city's chaotic routes,
following the perpetual commotion of all hitherto misgivings of life.
If there's a meaning to be found here, it can only be traced in its
vain attempt to remystify the city's inner ghost so that it can be
demystified all over again, a task that can only be equivalent
to that of seeking the source of a whirlwind.


released July 16, 2016

recorded, mixed and lamely mastered in the course of two weeks, in Secluded Semitone studio, Athens, during this summer's first heatwave.

(sound clips used taken from various footage from riots in Athens
and "je nai nan" (have mercy), a coptic hymn)




Right Knider Athens, Greece

With the aid of his super VGA goggles, Right Knider can see a dystopian metropolis lying beneath the concrete foundations of the bore that is today. He prefers post apocalypse from post modernism, feels nostalgia for a future that has yet to arrive and works on an appropriate soundtrack for it. ... more

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